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Custom Branding and Private Labeling allow your men’s specialty store to promote and sell your own brand. While they are similar, Custom Branding and Private Labeling are very different concepts here at Global Apparel Alliance. 

Custom Branding

Here at Global Apparel Alliance, we have the capabilities to Custom Brand our high-end products with your own brand and logo. Custom branding allows you to order products in smaller quantities. The initial minimum for Custom Branding is 48 shirts and after that, the minimum goes down to 12 shirts. There is a processing fee for each shirt we brand for you, but a lot of our clients find it well worth their investment to carry their own branded shirt in their shop.

Private Labeling

If you choose to participate in our private labeling program, we have the ability to produce large quantities (5,000 shirt minimum) of shirts pre-branded with your logo and brand.  For businesses expecting higher inventory turnover on your own brand of shirt, we suggest we look at this program together to see if it makes sense for you. If you have any questions about which branding option might be right for you, contact our customer service team at