Global Apparel Alliance

What makes GAA Unique.

At Global Apparel Alliance, we offer a wide selection of quality men’s dress shirts and men’s sports shirts. Our competitively priced In-Stock Non Iron Dress Shirt program includes Regular Traditional Fit, Tailored Fit and Big & Tall Dress Shirts in solid colors and fashion basic styles. These programs are available under the Cooper & Stewart label as a 100% Non-Iron Cotton and under the Thomas Dylan label as a 60% Cotton/40% Poly Premium Blend.

Global Apparel Alliance shirts are sold only at better men's specialty stores

Global Apparel Alliance stands behind our clients, and we treat our wholesale clients like they’re  partners, not  competition. Global Apparel Alliance shirts are sold only at better men’s specialty stores. We are a Shop Local Supporter, and we believe this is a basic fundamental of what makes us unique as your premier Men’s Dress Shirt Brand.

Private Labels and Custom Brands

Custom Branding (Private Labeling) allows better men’s specialty store to promote and sell their own brand. We offer Custom Branding for a minimal charge. This Program is available to customers for an initial order of 48 shirts (minimum) and fill-in orders of 12 units or more.

We will work with you to design and produce your own branded label. There is no additional cost for designing, purchasing or warehousing your label.